Every season, one person of the Early Career Scientists is selected as the Scientist of the Season to highlight her or his role in and contribution to the Aggressotype consortium. The selection is based on the recent publication of a paper of special interest, a presentation given, or a recent other significant contribution to the progress of the consortium. Please find in the following all Scientist of the Season that have been elected so far.

Scientist of the Spring 2015

Noèlia Fernàndez Castillo, PhD
University of Barcelona, Genetics Department

Scientist of the Summer 2015

Florian Freudenberg, PhD
Goethe University, Department of Psychiatry, Psychosomatics and Psychotherapt

Scientist of the Autumn 2015

Nathalie Holz, PhD
Central Institute for Mental Health Mannheim, Department of Developmental Clinical Neurophysiology

Scientist of the Winter 2015/2016

Olga Rivero, PhD
University of Würzburg, Division of Molecular Psychiatry

Scientist of the Spring 2016

Ditte Demontis, PhD
University of Aarhus

Scientist of the Spring 2017

Bru Cormand, Professor of Genetics
University of Barcelona